-Wtf write your blog fast-

A poem that examines the function of a blog, and what it means to the reader. And the writer. It is also about 2 cheeseburgers and an alley. So, it’s a poem about life. ————————————————
-Wtf write your blog fast-

You gotta put it out mate

Let em know that it’s there
available and free.

no it costs 3 minutes
they read 5 minutes top
so I guess a small fee

Hut Two Spin Attent
PodCast BlogFast

Let em know that’s it’s free.

no it costs attention
and me

and it ain’t live but it’s dope

so put the cash on the bureau
Wait is that how you spell bureau?
You gotta make it right man.
Keep wet juicy tight man.

oh shit yeah PG
Aunt Floral might be browsing
ringing out her blouse and

I found a word that rhymed with bureau
so fuck you Google.

Nah I’m just playing please don’t leave me.

But you gotta put it out mate
and we don’t need no pimps for love
but yeah fuck sometimes the alleys
get a little narrow
and yeah sometimes the shadows
lurk behind that dumpster
and yeah my heels
a little grimy
and I could use a big wet burger

or two.
And yeah a trip does sound nice right now.
but no
I like inconsistent
punch card holy not for me

for now at least

and I can’t speak for the future
I don’t meddle much in past,

I glide past doorways raw
wear glasses tumble low
so when you hear me
click clack
or my pen
swish rat
just know that bitch is free.


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