so let’s pretend to be human

man oh man – a friend just put us on to this video with shia labeouf dancing in a cage with maddie ziegler, a teen girl. best performance i’ve seen all day. so i haven’t been up on my pop culture lately and when i decided to open to a real conversation with my friend’s son, we talked of tim O’Brien, stephen king, my new sad sad turtle humanoid story, and shia labeouf. so good to learn some new stuff.

so I’m not going to read all the other articles and see what i should think. i know some people are prob pissed at this labeouf. yet i feel he’s awesome. and sadly, hopefully and eventually, gladly- one of our own. he’s what one would call weird. and hurting. and funny. and doing this life. yeah, he’s had a lot of bad ideas, but this dance was great. the cage and boundaries etc etc wax on and on. maybe i’m just easily amused but it woke me up and that’s what counts.
i hadn’t heard of the singer sia but now will check her out, especially since her latest work is called 1000 forms of fear, which is what i just wrote about. hmm

a poesy ⤵️

so let’s all pretend to be human.  embrace the cliché. smell the rose write the red
kiss the man.
take the bone from the dog
pull her hair like a dog
eat the pie eat the pie eat the pie.



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