we are not a glum lot. 

To lighten the fare, a tart airy little ditty to follow. Hopefully.  /—/ 

– Flight 161  Arrival time: 11:43 pm –
I know 

I know 

Another intent 

to be 

funny poem about Facebook. 

Or another introspective / deep/ ironic / rant about Facebook 

We all heard it before. 

But let me fucking tell you something 

Look you don’t know shit about Facebook 

It. Is.

The best. 

It is like 

a summers day with a volleyball and earth dry sand warm under your feet and you are 20 pounds skinnier and you have on a 600 dollar swimsuit that Jennifer Lopez wore last year and your boobs are somehow perkier and you have at least four good friends laughing at all your jokes and then someone says hey let’s start a bonfire and then they start a bonfire and you guys jump in a jeep and run to the corner store and laugh the whole way there and the new guy touches your thigh and smiles at you and your agent calls with a book deal and you look up at the sky so blue and so crisp and your hair smells like strawberries and mint and you just thought of a new poem and you sit by orange fire crackling in the thick and your best friend brings you a blanket and drapes it across your shoulders and your new guy brings you cocoa and gazes lost in your eyes and you camp on the beach and you wake to the dawn and yeah 

Facebook is like that. 

In other words 

It’s the shit

flies you away from fear 

or at least free-floating anxiety 

always trapped in your brain 

hum low level fridge

of Not Enough 

More To Do

shame more pain point blame 

you can play that inner game 


hop on this airline express
and it is the best flight in the world 

First Class 





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