Anonymously, me

Excited about my r&r.  I’m in bed with books and a shot in the dark right now.  That’s coffee but it’s funny when you put it… Ah u get it right?  On the east coast they call it a piledriver.  

So I’m reading romantic fairy tales of the 1800’s, Goethe and Tieck, etc.  Amazing, but probably not good for my imaginations.  Also reading Freud’s civilization just cause I wanna.  And I just finished Kerouac’s On the Road but I can’t figure out why no one ever told me to read this book.  Loved it. 

So, books and bathtubs and playing outside. I will find a small roadtrip somehow.  In thinking about Kerouac’s travails and my own dance with the bottle (and oh it was a deathly one)  I wanted to write a poem to a  group  one  does  not  name.  Hmm. How to write about my experience while keeping in line with traditions?   

You friends of Bill know what I mean.  We don’t promote.  I’m not a preacher or a poster child, in any way or form.  Sometimes I feel like Brad Pitt in that movie, you know, “the first rule about fight club is you don’t talk about…”  

So I’ll just present a part of this poem… I hope it’s not too cheesy, even though I do like cheese.


“anonymously me”


   What a gift 

that’s given freely.  

-no one told me- 

treasure trove. 
We don’t promote  
we don’t emote   we lay it 
real and love it raw.  
Pray like hell. 
And fucking jesus. 
     oh shit krishna I’m awake.  
god lick my balls or 
     no gods at all 
we char old walls 
and tend the flames. 
The fourth 
                  which still stays fuzzy
Einstein he shed it 
Bill awake. 
Then Bill bled it 
yes he bled it
     Bob the doc 
he sewed the seams.  
Sober drunks 
who woulda thunk it
smiling laughing tapping 
elbows  love.  
no one guilt me 
no one fix me, they just nod and say, 
“me too.”  
And ah the people, 
the angel people, who dance 
around these halls.  
so thank you pathly
leading doorly 
small the wide the seams.  
And as always, 
road is roomy, broad
the living a delight.  
And for you naysay
I will daresay 
read our Lit, 
there are no rules.  

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