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Beverage Air LV12-1-B-LED LumaVue Refrigerated Merchandiser, reach-in, one-section, (1) hinged glass door&

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Product Description
LumaVue Refrigerated Merchandiser, reach-in, one-section, (1) hinged glass door, 12 cu. ft. capacity, mechanical temperature controls, (4) adjustable wire shelves, interior LED lighting, self closing door with recessed pocket door handle, black exterior, 1/6 hp, UL, cUL, UL-EPH, MADE IN USA, ENERGY STAR®
Dimensions are provided by manufacturer and are not guaranteed to be precise product dimensions (some manufacturers provide shipping dimensions, others product dimensions). Please request precise product dimensions if required using the convenient form below.

Height – 62.00 inches

Width – 24.00 inches

Depth – 24.00 inches
Sub-category – Refrigerator, Merchandiser

Glass Door Type – Hinged / Swing

Refrigeration – Self-contained, Bottom Mounted

Size – 1 Section

Exterior Finish – All Black Finish

Energy Efficiency – Energy Star®

Interior Lighting – Led Lights

Compressor Hp – 1/6 Hp


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