Yanking in the USA 

This is where I bullshit you. 

You,  the reader now. 

This is where I build my words my sticks press stones 
hang brow.  Crinkles wrinkles take the real 
and stuff it deep inside.  Or show one angle 
make an angel look 
(at me) 
show wow. 

She is awesome she’s the best see how much she smart? 
I PROfessional 
no confessionals 
are square 
you kneel and cow.   The box inside man 
live inside 
ear live inside 
each cow. 
We moo and moan you take the groan and stuff 
it green grass die. 
it’s a girl! 
now it’s a blog! 
stampt buy 10 get 1 free. 

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