un fold 

240 degree _. 

I want to handle him 
not in    a common way 

Worse thing to hap
to treasure 
paint folded in 
and fondled in 
too commonly. 

Contempt thus breed
famil.r  no.     he  be 
my     vert de Grece. 

not in     a common way    do muse 
sub verte de grez

                               sir loing. 

and when I see him every 
simmer pot in 
     six degrees.

byte honey sting 
he bundle spring I 

…knew I wish what 

capacity he 
sea in me.
so still I sit each day hi day eye care for me.

copper basalt 
in pillow naught 
see lava brim me grata him 
                                    in all degrees.

’cause hands can walk 
andwe  could talk 
skin prickle flesh all 
hemmed in chest he 
tickles me. 

oh for christ’s sake 
M [comein] E.


        .and the rest is all just bullshit 
 ahem    well 

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