A compilation of methings  ~literary~  ~musicary~ and ~whatnot~ 

~ For you, dear (dear) readers, 
to partake
maybe njoy. 

We begin:
A recording of Leonard Nimoy reading Evelyn Waugh’s “The Man Who Liked Dickens.” 


“Jolly kind of you.” 
Presently he said: “I say, you speak English. I’m English, too. My name is Henty.”  
“Well, Mr. Henty, you aren’t to bother about anything more. You’re ill and you’ve had a rough journey. I’ll take care of you.” 

Oh yeah, he’ll take care of him all right. Eesh.  But what a wonderful brightly jewel.  


~The English Beat~ 
This link is awesome btw. 


Ideological state apparatuses.  Read bout those.  Eesh again. 

~Philip K Dick’s  ~Faith of Our Fathers~

Chien said, “The Crusher. The Clanker. The Gulper and the Bird and the Climbing Tube- plus other names, forms, I don’t know. I had a hallucination. At the stag dinner. A big one. A terrible one”



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