But mon ami… nightgowns n’avez pas pockets

 and what am I but six 

 pounds nitrogen ami 

less phosphorus and wee 

 bit oh potassium. 

 mon better than a beast 

 be needin signs like 

 +-Ne pas faire l’amour dans un parking espace ou un endroit public-+ 

 even though I no better than a beast. -+je sais bien que je suis pire qu’une bete+- 

 and I’m so fucking done. Just done. No right fucking done.

 avez life on 

 Life’s terms 

 we’ll see now whats 


 to be clear 

 to be certain 

 and to wit 

 fucking done. – 

 No I’m not      bear bear bear 

Dream said ‘bear’ 

 all the way. 

 and it was pretty annoying 

 all these bears in the way. 


  spirochetes pulled from faces long strings dr phil  

waves coupling 

 blurs tunneling 


 quick sir 

 and I steal 


 look behind you 

no lights 

 I pass   you twice 

 no  nice 

 I mean past you     I pass you

 so who got next 

 I got now 

 fid din na  go   to the sto 

 get it right Washington Post it’s 

din na  go  to the sto. 

many accolades 

 a good 


article dough 


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