Bubble gum for the eyes 

A text spoke of fires and our gathering and meditating at the flames before the advent of electricity. Now it seems that we control the light. This changes our behavior and whatnot.

A poem ⤵️

“Bubble gum for the eyes” 

🚩yore we meld by said fire
‘where you be at’ said fire
flare to my liking can flick on a switch
slim e long gated knobs
up sits by no flicks

No   floats by empires
no  movie in mind
no movie is mine
in movie your mind

start journaling she said with a flick of slim wrist

see here the illustrious
and industrious
Sunny Jim 

who stays 

tracking in shit
hauling in
shit revel in shit ‘fuck
journaling.’ he say

Simple as that. 

Nicest guy on the planet. 


Simple as that. 

uck journal I mine
words nibble these words

maybe letters
hells yeah letters
maybe high correspondence
like Austen then jane.
yeah like dick.core responds 


Jim say stay loose
wear it loose like a garment
in the muck stay aloof
yeah look loose aloof garments

away and to windward!
thitherward I therewith
and lo!
there’s a thither
way winds to lo with

fuck gum
shit I’ll chew it
big fat plum-eating grin
where’s Jim where’s the station
train leaves he go whim 



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