At eclipse

~The moon shall~


The moon shall be wedded here to the plunderer murderer 

valley man-headed  iron-hoofed  at eclipse

wiser you would
not choose at eclipse

and the naked man said
said she, dragon caves. 

Caves fell to the floor 

and stood in the centre of the room thinking of himself



Wept bitterly. 


~  I like not this dream.  ~

four servants


       third slave weak

only the weak are sacrificed to the gods
only the weak sacrificed to the gods 

methought I dreamed her without gazing 

waking me thought know it not


~      Built of Yellow Marble     ~ 

And when life’s quivering lips

you always he only
smiled & slightly shook his head 

now jackal
mole lion you are and I too
eat the bread bridled dignity pride 

   one with the other
         parched with thirst 

lordly in the presence of the dead thing



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