instances knots

After reviewing a few bits quick poetry I've decided I'm Nestlé, yes stir, my new word for creepy.

I don't try to be creepy that's just who I am 

cute and creepy

cute-creepy which 
could actually be quite jarring 

thinking it over
just a chocolate bit more, I can 

see that I've been that way for a long 
long way, 

I remember instances knots

in childhood trying 
to fit in the slot march 
to Baseline 

Road where Uncle Charlie used to pick up cans with a stick 

trailing hefty bags and waves black all the cars 

They always waved back. 

Unless 2 out-of-towners 
seen just an old man 
picking up cans by the road 


with a stick 
out of smiles 


A few good men and women have been teaching me well, and I am very much appreciative 

as I would not have the tools or verve to do any of this work this art this whadeva you wanna call it 
without them. 

My whole life changed over so I will creepy continue but 

this object's pretty cool and I will begin 

the end with that


I can see you where you make that look



out of smile


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