Maybe she needs a hug.

Waist deep in Leonard Cohen, exploring, enjoying, and…. PING obscene ringing mail thrust the arena. Ok.

A deconstructed poem,

“16 1:4 certainly.our individual”

PM;;Admitted that, honest.

-As we move President.-

Our individual message to outside consultant for responding through individual commitment to incidents of bias. As outcomes a healthy and 2016! engagement and counsel

and as I stated in 6 PM

critical cultural consciousness are being conducted.

Encourage all to add that campus shepards individual and systemic matters

PM;;Admitted that, honest dialogue:
our individual

16 1:4 certainly. But also, Secondary prosperous Ed UG my December 8th campus,

living Education; African Bruce environment,

American Studies.

In addition, we have a greater world, and I encourage all to add that goal to our individual.

Hired to review communications, are being conducted through Accounting;Accounting –

PM;Accounting – lists of resolutions:

Interest;Admitted to Elementary
Ed UG;Admitted

to;Adult and Higher;Fri 1/8/20

Dear Students,

Our individual.

Welcome our individual.

Back to our individual campus and to the and that the opportunities we our individual have, in a demonstrably our individual learn, grow, and act to make our individual a better place.

Aware from our individual previous theCampus Equity and our individualInclusion. I strongly encourage our individual.

Campus safety Message from Pret protocols part of working, and are refining our processes and our individual you are as we look our individual forward to our individual initiatives are our individual recommended.

We our individual will be for others is better our individual.

Seeking your further,

(We have institutional our to address,) I fully expect – our individual.

Wishes for PM;;Admitted that, honest dialogue,

As we move President.


And I’m not mad
just even

Well pretty mad
But not angry

Off to Tarantino.

I should turn that into a verb.


Not reading reviews.
Don’t know what’s gonna happen…

But I know something’s gonna happen


I like walking with Leonard.

Probably not healthy but

who’s healthy


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