Two long chats 🐱

A friend of mine asked me who and what my poem A Long Chat refered to, and I decided to repost it with a lil bit o’context.  As much as I prefer my comfy bed of ambiguity, as I feel it suits me best, I think, maybe, context is in order for the night.  I will repost the poem below.  So 

the day began with a discussion of employers, power structures, and systems. A heady foundation for me indeed. Then to the afternoon to study the Big book, chapter entitled  TO EMPLOYERS. 
The musicality of some of the language struck me and I decided to write down every phrase or term that jumped out, a found poem strict and true.  

Then a rearrangement, pleased, according to thoughts from earlier discussion and the feel and the sound of the line.  I also thought of the meaning of the chapter itself and the Big book’s strict adherence to the He never the She (well at least in the front of the book, I have to keep in mind it was written around 1936 so yeah).  

I thought about my experiences and the appropriate found words were selected and arranged. 
Then more to the power structures, the letters to employees, the fabricated sense of it all.  I jumbled and disjointed this according to the feel of it in the moment, and by the very end of the poem my brain wandered off into a different matter entirely, but we won’t get into all that. Needless to say, I was distracted, considered revising it, then decided fuck it why not. 

 So in that, A Long Chat was born.  Ah that was a lot of words. I must console myself now. I just had a word party. Hopefully no text hangovers tomorrow. 😊


Without much ado, he accepted the 
Without much ado, he accepted the
Without much ado, he accepted the


                 re-reading the chap [does he not]

[When sober] imagative [messy] and likable 
                                              |•| |•| |•| |•| |•| |•| |•| |•|

                                              is many at times a fast chat

                                              |•| |•| |•| |•| |•| |•| |•| |•|

natural [annoyances] knack for tight drinking though 

rupture the press 

{reply brain}


                 strangely. irrational 

[normal] the messy one 


seeming above-the-board chap 


aberrations [performances] natural annoyances 

       ••••••An Approach Is Made Something Like This•••••


Dear ailing employees 

perhaps to emphatically 

sever best do does we not? 
Ethically hands in the 

competent savaging  

chat; {hit return} 

           a long chat 


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