Like a deer in headlights 

So I’ve been really into layering things lately. In the last post I ripped up a trader joes flyer and messed it around with a page torn from a really fancy artbook.

So here’s my latest from last week, not the best, not nearly, yet who am I to be critical? .

So I came across a test from a philosophy course taken a bit ago and I put it together with a newspaper collage that was beginning to bore me.   That made it seem to work and right now I feel like putting it on the internet so here goes.



something in the words and worlds of memory identity and the other subject news. Makes me think a little harder.


Thank you for reading 😌🔁



“your fingertips past existence… definitely.”

“But what of the information (small fires)”

“flickering grow flickering grew flickering flames grew the fire, in a more clearly defined way.”



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