Go Set a Watchman  Or (All Light)

bright yellows
a ~PicBookNet Story~ prequel

into visual poetry

















2 thoughts on “Go Set a Watchman  Or (All Light)

  1. Wow wow wow. A whole photo essay (story poem winter song). Do you know John Berger’s work? You might check out his pieces on photography (and everything else) in The Shape of a Pocket. And his photo essays in Ways of Seeing though those are a bit didactic. Still though he’s one who hears volumes, nebulae, in a shutter click, and I think you might groove to him. (And there might be a stack of copies in the WWU bookstore right around where the books for my 460 course are … I didn’t say that, though.)


    • No, I don’t think I’m familiar, but I will now check him out. And thanks for the encouragement, I was starting to doubt myself.

      I will now haunt the bookstore for precisely seventeen minutes in that specified area. It will be pleasant :)

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