6 thoughts on “2 minutes just laugh with me mummy

    • Thank you! Well, I was randomly scrolling through the Internet archives and found all these Holmes- then I thought- I wonder if I can reveal the mystery in condensed time without language? Then I was also thinking about facial expressions and how they have more meaning sometimes than words and what that means (and how children pick up on that). Then I thought about how kids these days love those videos where it’s all snippets and faster, and what that means for the brain (in a good way). So a lot of things I guess, kinda worked backwards at random, and the short time frame is just a bonus☺️

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      • Oh gosh it’s way deeper than I surmised. You really put some thought into it, and let it develop organically along the way with thought. Hmmm… I’m going to try to incorporate that more into my developments. And yes, my nephew watches those fast clips of teenagers lip synching into the camera with different outfits on, etc. It never shows the whole song, it shows about 10 seconds usually and then skips to the next song. He loves it

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  1. Oh and I forgot to add that I didn’t watch the actual movie until after I made the video, and it turned out I kinda did get the gist just by compiling the faces and movements from the frames (without the volume).
    So that was interesting too


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