I’m posting this piece again because I feel it’s very apropos of the contextual climate all of us (well those who’s living) living over here in the US are experiencing, maybe feeling. Someone I respect told me reading it was like walking through an old abandoned house, picking up slips of paper, fragments. I thought that was cool and the work can be interpreted in several ways, one of them as a reflection of the results of this media frenzy political hast tag aggression happening late. What happens to the body after it is commandered by media probing, taken over politically, less in spirit- flesh- broken- apart-? and put together       How do you use apropos in a sentence without feeling very wary about it? and I wanna say very a lot
very         Yes I am a very special very very very type of information processing very device

anywho – I am excited to have an idea, writing idea. Yesterday I was musing on what lies  between a purely “artistic” self-involved piece and turning in an essay that’s just a stream of expletives aimed at NO ONE IN particular ha. How to function as a writer/artist/automaton these days and not fall into I AM SAYING THINGS YOU KNOW VERY LOUDLY or I AM STICKING HEADS IN THE SAND flamingo. You know///< In between.

I think of the Strugatsky brothers among others who wrote cool stories that held the times of their time but are timeless. i wanna do that ‘


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3 thoughts on “We lovORJUSTACHARACTERe u Shia!

    • Thank you. Yes, i thought i was dealing with it better than expected but turns out there’s room for improvement lol. Your encouragement helps :-)

      when people say buckle in nowadays i always think of that tarantino movie where they were riding on the windshield of the car ha. for fun.
      i guess that’s what it kinda feels like now

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