that i environment

So I made this today and I’ve decided (mostly) to try (again) to write this research paper about the cave art.  So daunting I overwhelm and took the easy road, annotated bib. Man. We’ll see, I’ll just try.

But I made this today, different from the original idea, but interesting when I think about retinas, brains, perception, consciousness, and things like that  i environment

not good with deadlines but who is really

I have no good jokes tonight not that i’m unfunny
I just lost them a couple of tuesdays ago
theyre still there though
i know

I actually found some some days some ago
and laughed ‘

u gotta laugh

“geode for David Bohm not Jakob Böhme I spelled that wrong “

duration: 4 minutes 49 seconds

Music: All of the Lights (by Andy Suzuki and the Method)


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