only find me

just in case you find them later.


I’ve been in a weird place.

Kanye wasn’ t there
trying to figure out what matters
non-identified matter and I was watching a film about public relations

-I never thought I’d be the Cancel Christmas kind
but every year that speech seems to warp its ugly head-

thought was to go where over the rainbow
some public relations

and advertisements.

That didn’t happen. Instead I got this:

E]ven if , that does not permit the state to force.[62]

I like thinking of these films in the light of cave art created during the upper Paleolithic. The emerging human drew animals and myths from the cave medium, along with a written grammar we have yet to fully decipher.  A dignified analysis allots Paleolithic man a certain intellectual perspicuity…  as he was working through some heavy shit ;-)


I leave these little relics
just in case you find them later
and can’t understand a bit of what this means
and if you hap upon what’s left of umm interned net
and for some godawful reason only find me
ha ha
i could keeping haing at that one


” E]ven if to have… “

(I’m on a break ha in more ways and was forced to use “Wondershare Filmora” which wasn’t that bad, but  not free like they said “trial”- bc of the watermark.  I miss Final Cut Pro which I don’t have on my personal computer but I find more intuitive and easier.  Filmora forced me to work around the box which was interesting and I experiment more so I guess that’s something.  Must








_____________________________________________________________________________=– 00 9+_^____________________

I was looking for Kanye to (remake this song) but Aretha Instead.

Much better:

and balanced

a balancing not juggling



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