Just gonna write everything at once

Yeah altogether

I want to counter what I said in a previous post about my Art Video Poems being something like “relics” left behind for the future.  This way of looking at it is mostly untrue.

I can surely see the part of my brain that recognizes the “after-effect” of making these videos and what people will think of them.  In fact, it sometimes occurs to me “what people will think” as the art is created, but only in glimpses, and usually unfavorable ones.

I force myself to push through when those glimpses of me looking through you looking at me come to me. I wish other people could do this


So. I want to talk about the ritual aspect of video-poem-making as it remains consistent with the cave-art-creating during the Upper Paleolithic(.)  I want to talk about the experience, the need to do it fast, the non-durable, non-product aspect of the ritual.

One of the most important aspects of Paleolithic cave art was the execution of the ritual. There was an important inner event (unfolding) happening inside of human perception during this time and the act of going inside the caves to “work this through” released a new understanding of the world around them, the animals as their counterparts, and the role the human plays within the whole experience.

Man was trying to figure it all out.  In order to do that he had to accurately “render the animal present.”  Some of the art depicted on the cave walls started in swirls, jumbles of lines, and finger marks (fluting), which then began to form into decipherable shapes of animals and other forms.  This was magic turning to myth.  This was a straight-up interaction and desire made manifest through imagination, through the act.

When I make video poems, it is usually with a vague idea of what I want to see happen or what may happen, and then I go about gathering the many references and resources from the mass data bank of our life known commonly as “Youtube.” I pull them all together. I like layers, pulling things through, and seeing what happens.

A lot of times I am surprised.  I find that especially when I am pressed for time, not all the time, but special times the layers of film surprise me and show up something awesome.  I find out a lot of things after the fact.  What I thought I was doing and what actually comes about become two and one things.  Take the digital chickens.    sooooo many digital chickens... and the crazy orange duck still became president wtf and the funny thing is

there was just this sense of urgency. giphy-4 

It was as if it didn’t matter so much what the outcome was I just knew that I had to make this video poem before I got on a plane, it had to have a sacrificed chicken for some reason (I didn’t even know at the time) and it had to be now.  I felt a pulling and tugging and sense of slightly pleasant unease until I sat down at the computer and did the deed.  Ahhhh

during and after, it felt nice.  A relief.  I didn’t fully understand it yet, but it was right. (Even the spelling.)  And maybe it wasn’t so much sacrificing as it was a foreboding of what’s to come eesh. I forgot where I was going with this hmm here’s a picture while I have a word with our sponsors



Marshall McLuhan stated that “Art is not just play but an extension of human awareness in contrived and conventional patterns.”  The cave art rendered by Paleolithic man exhibits a trait of playfulness turned awaring and subsequent patterning.  I’m losing my steam now but I’m glad I started this post as it helped me to feel somewhat useful after watching the wholeheartedly infuriating facebook live video of a mom and her 15 year old daughter being abused by an errant officer.  Made me cry after just feeling better after Kirtan with my friends tonight.  Michael Moore didn’t make me feel any better but he did make me laugh.  I don’t know about all of what he said, but he has some good points.

good points.


-Jean Jacques Rousseau (The Social Contract)

something happy:


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