La fée à tête claire

I was walking nowhere on a treadmill a few weeks ago and looked up, panoramically. There were about six to seven screens hung in my view and I noticed a couple dancing beautifully, a crocodile eating a moose, and CNN (all simultaneously.) I thought it would be cool to put it all together… and fitting to how I’ve felt in political clime of latte.

Well I did it. it’s funny how creating video art has evolved for me so far. I sit down to Final Cut Pro with a vague idea and sorta go with a push and pull of what happens. Half the time I’m surprised and wonder at the impetus of writing a blueprint of my soul (that seems to happen serendipitously ) sometimes.

and don’t worry, that’s just a tiny fairy skeleton I found Immobile in the bayou 😕. …

thanks for reading :)

the music is Loscil – Red Tide


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