copy bunny

Just wanted to type this up quick before I settle down to a long night’s work and fun.
I found it first on the floorboard of my car which is weird so
I’m thinking it must of fell out of my purse
which purse I’m not sure.
I change purses. lux

It was interesting for me to read because it’s from about 4 to 5 years ago when I became serious about writing and not just wishing. I even attended a “writer’s retreat” at the local comm college which was cool and I listened to a woman click on and on about canyons, and grand ones. She was awesome. Anyway, interesting bc it’s so literal, like me, sometimes, and the comma. The following piece was written at that retreat, my first story, after years of
This summer will be the summer of words, eeeeeeeeeeeee, k. It is time.

For a story.

A waffle Bus.  

We drove past a very small school bus. 
With a sign that said “waffles.” 
On our way to pick up salads or something
healthy in our minds. 
A waffle school bus. 
We stopped.  The cook waved from the window. 
His light orange mustache cut between the 
stagnant of the very still windshield. 
I was surprised by his 
Yet he did own a waffle bus. 
You ordered a waffle full of bacon. 
I went plain.  with powdered sugar sprinkle. 
Langston wanted nothing. We bought him 
one anyway
waffle small talk.
It was windy fall. falling yellow leaves.
One fell in your waffle. You pretended to eat it.
I made a joke about waffles. 
We sat on a clean gray bench in the roped 
off beer garden next door. Some 
were there.  1pm on a lazy Sunday. A 
dog stared at my waffles.  He had a face 
like a  John C. Reilly.  We had just left 


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