When the art doesn’t come

Well, I made it to the library today to hop on some video editing, which felt like a winning idea last night, but today, nothing comes.

It was a strange feeling.  Before, I would sit there and tinker and come up with something even if I had to force.  But today I took a moment, got up from my seat, and decided to come back again when I felt inspired.  There was nothing.

This contradicts a little what I’ve been trying to do, which is to establish more discipline and push me harder… which, I must say, has put me on the critical edge.  Maybe I’ve been too hard on myself.

Busted out of the paintbrushes and maybe that will be better.  I hope everyone is well and has a nice weekend and I will try to paint my Don and life worries away.  Or into.  Or around.

Thanks for reading.  Here’s an old video I made, as a filler, in case you missed it.





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